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Sicim S.p.A.

Giorgio Gandini | Project Control Coordinator | SICIM S.p.A.

Pros: Innovative application for Project Controlling applicable to any kind of projects.
Powerful and flexible in creating customized reporting both internally and for customers.
Prepared and effective technical assistance. Competences made available at all levels, ranging from software development to application with customization to the project.
MILEMATE! provides an innovative approach to project control and an alternative to the usual software.

Cons: The initial approach to software requires effort, as providing strong customization capability is not always intuitive.

[Nov. 2017]


Gabriele Navarra | Responsabile Planning & Project Control | BASIS ENGINEERING – Rosetti Group of Companies

Pros: MM is more than a specific software in order to share the right information to represent the actual status of projects and to anticipate future. MM is a company development of the Project Planning & Control methods and philosophies. In Basis Engineering, MM is the Project Control System to face the complexity of the Oil & Gas market.

Cons: Stability testing, just in the early release. This problem was solved by subsequent developments.

[Nov. 2017]


Gianluca Iannacone | QAQC Manager | BONATTI S.p.A.

Pros: The architectural flexibility of the system to better reflect the executive design. Also worth mentioning is the possibility of making changes during the work. MILEMATE! provides a global vision of the project with the possibility of analysing individual sectors in details.

Cons: The program’s graphics are already good, but should be improved to make the software more intuitive

[Aug. 2017]

Fabio Loiudice | Project Control Manager | BONATTI S.p.A.

Pros: Possibility to have a deeper control on work progress; to work in a user friendly background, importing and exporting excel files; possibility to have different levels of work progress and invocing, possibility to customize them.

Cons: Planning part is not so developed; it would be great to have a tool like primavera for activities planning so that progress and planning can be linked.

[July 2017]

Antonino Grande | Project Controller| BONATTI S.p.A.

Pros: Milemate is a great application for managing Project Control for all types of projects.
The platform is very easy to use and intuitive.
You can customize the software according to your design needs.

The final report is easy to see and customizable.
In addition, the application allows you to extract or import data in EXCEL format.

Even with the Free edition you have access to plenty of features. The portal can be customized: you can specify the colors of the colors theme, choose a font and also add your organization logo.

Technical support is efficient, the staff is prepared for any situation and resolves quickly any problem you encounter.

The design is excellent and you know its simplicity. I can say it’s worth trying. I highly recommend.

[June 2017]


Luca Vaghetti | Project Planner & Cost Controller | DRILLMEC S.p.A.

Pros: I like the way it organizes the various information. It helps to track physical progress while simultaneously analyzing all aspects of actual costs.

With MILEMATE! users has the ability to organize a company with timely schedules and can understand in advance if the project is in line with the expected costs and times.

Cons: Probably not very intuitive from the beginning. We have to work hard to be able to appreciate all the potentialities of Milemate!.

[July 2017]


Marco Zanotti | Procurement Coordinator | CARLO GAVAZZI IMPIANTI S.p.A.

Pros: The things I’ve mostly appreciated were:
– the kind readiness and competence of the software house developers who assisted me both in the setup phase and later when (occasionally) I needed their help
– the easiness with which the program parameters can be tailored to the specific requirements of the project
– the easy to use database that helped me a lot in reporting to different kind of subject (such as Project Team, Corporate Board and Final Client)

Cons: As far as I know, there is still no Milemate! app for smartphones to share in real time with the project team some extractions even if simplified. It would be great on mobility

[July 2017]


Maurizio Borsatti | Director & CEO | ELKA PROJECT SERVICES Sp.zo.o.

Pros: Flexibility and power. suitable to solve unexpected troubles typical of large construction projects into remote location.

Full control of actual data, forecast data and trend relevant to project of any size

Cons: supporting documentation / user manuals , especially for the general approach the various and new features that are made available

[July 2017]


Marco Chiesa | Project Control Manager | ERSAI LLC

Pros: From my point of view, it’s very helpful the compatibility with Excel and P6, and the easy way to obtain customized reports with all the needed backups, in order to prepare clear reports for the Customers and the Project Management.

Cons: The initial upload of the project, require a discrete effort, however well rewarded during the management of the project.

[June 2017]


Rosetti Marino

Umberto Vitali  |  Oil & Gas Operations Director  |  ROSETTI MARINO S.p.A.

Pros: Rosetti started the process for the definition of a more effective planning and control process in the field of the oil & gas constructions. The use of a tool as MILEMATE! allows the physical progress monitoring of the activities, and to collect all the information concerning the quantities, and relative costs: this makes MIELMATE! an excellent instrument not only for project control but above all project performance management.