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MILEMATE! is the best solution to guarantee a suitable management and control of complex projects. It can be tailored to owners, contractors and subcontractors requirements.

MILEMATE! was developed to deal with the needs arisen during years of experience in O&G, IT and infrastructures projects thanks to the expertise and know-how acquired in the project control discipline over these years: it is an extremely flexible tool that can easily fit with Clients’ needs.

MILEMATE! covers all these aspect of EPC Projects:

  • Estimation;
  • Planning;
  • Project Control;
  • Certification for Mechanical completion & Handovering;
  • Material preservation;
  • Maintenance activities.

MILEMATE! maximize the management of information. Through the innovative concept of Information Breakdown Structure (IBS) the information is made available with different detailing level according to the needs of the stakeholders for all the OBS level.

Information are shared in real time and are visible at the detailing level required: for example, the top management can print dedicated dashboards anytime quantity surveyors input new data .

MILEMATE! can be used at the same time by all the stakeholders involved in the project.

Owner can use MILEMATE! to control and certify the physical progress directly inserted by the Contractor (and indirectly by Subcontractors as well) while managing the accounting.

The Contractors can exploit MILEMATE! to check the progress and the productivities, by comparing the actual progress with the planned one, while managing the accounting for both the Owner and the Subcontractors.